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    Leadership Development with MWCCA

    The Midwest Contact Center Association is committed to providing cost effective resources near you to help contact center professionals grow and thrive. This year we are hosting 2 full days of leadership development training that are 2 weeks apart with a 90 minute webinar on the week between.

    Developing successful front-line contact center leaders can be one of the biggest challenges we face, and the Midwest Contact Center Association wants to help augment your internal leadership development goals by hosting this important program. Similar workshops cost over 4 times as much and that does not include the travel expenses!

    Dimensions of Leadership

    MWCCA has partnered with Aspire Consulting, Inc. This 3-part learning series is designed to help leaders take their skills to the next level in understanding their own leadership style, establishing coaching relationships, leading others through performance situations and conflict, and practicing effective virtual leadership.  Leaders can expect a highly interactive experience that enables new learning along with the sharing of best practices with other leaders in the marketplace.

    Workshop 1: Thursday, April 25th – 9:00AM – 4:30PM

    Module 1: Leadership & Communication Styles (leaders will receive a personal online style assessment, report and book as part of this experience)

    ü  Explore all communication styles

    ü  Identify cues that help determine the style or needs of another

    ü  Recognize your own leaderships strengths and tendencies

    ü  Practice adaptation to make connections and build productive relationships

    Module 2: Coaching Relationships

    ü  Explain the goals and guiding principles of building coaching relationships

    ü  Practice curiosity to deepen connections through powerful questions 

    ü  Recognize how trust impacts performance and approaches for positive impact

    ü  Assess situational performance and create a coaching strategy

    ü  Identify and practice using the 3 key types of performance coaching discussions

    Webinar (90 Minutes): Thursday, May 2nd 10:00AM-11:30AM  

    Participants are asked to join a virtual session via WebEx to demonstrate effective use of this technology and check in regarding practice assignments and associated experiences.

    Workshop 2: Thursday, May 9th – 9:00AM – 4:30PM

    Module 3: Situational Coaching & Conflict

    ü  Practice assessing performance situations and conducting effective discussions

    ü  Recognize conflict and how styles impact interactions

    ü  Practice leading difficult discussions with and between team members

    Module 4: Virtual Leadership

    ü  Identify and explore success factors associated with virtual leadership

    ü  Explore skills associated with creating virtual team environments

    ü  Identify key skills for conducting effective virtual team meetings

    ü  Troubleshoot situations unique to virtual leadership/teams

    About the Instructor: Karin Gierke

    Karin Gierke (formerly Johanek) started Aspire Consulting, Inc. in 1997. She is an energetic learning strategist, trainer, speaker, author and leader who has delivered measurable results for businesses around the world. She is best known for her deep commitment to learning and innovative approach as she collaborates with organizational leaders to explore possibilities and outcomes that lead to breakthrough solutions. Karin has worked with contact centers across the U.S. For more information on her please visit her website at: Aspire Consulting, Inc.

    • 25 Jul 2019
    • 8:00 AM - 11:30 AM
    • Be The Match

    Interested in learning how to map the customer journey? Join Jim Tincher as he leads a morning workshop that provides everything you need to run a journey mapping workshop within your own organization. It's one of our top-rated sessions. Download our event brochure to learn more.

    We’ve all seen it before. Customers form an expectation from your sales channel or marketing literature, receive a different experience through operations, and then call your contact center where they may receive a third perspective.

    It’s the setup for a rough call, and an even rougher customer experience. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

    Great companies have found a way to create a consistent end-to-end experience. They align their silos, creating a consistent experience from start to finish. How do they do it?

    Enter customer journey mapping.

    Customer journey mapping is a series of techniques that map out your customer experience from start to finish. It follows your customer across silos as they go from initial awareness through the sales process into ongoing engagement.

    A popular way to conduct journey mapping is through a workshop.

    Journey Mapping Workshops

    Journey mapping workshops involve participants from throughout the company to document your customer’s journey, showing both customer-facing and back-end groups and systems that impact your customer. These interactive workshops bring your teams together to align on how your customers truly experience your products and services today. They isolate your friction points and uncover which systems, groups or incentives cause that friction. 

    Journey mapping workshops

    provide a number of benefits to


    1. Demonstrate the journey through your customer’s eyes. Done well, your workshops help participants understand how your customers truly view your journey. This leads to a shared view of this experience from your different silos, which is the first step to building improvement.
    2. The results are immediately internalized. The process leads to learning that can be internalized immediately. By taking an active role in the process, teams from sales to finance to operations can immediately apply the learning to their operations.
    3. The results can be applied tomorrow. In every single customer journey mapping workshop I have led, teams were able to come up with a series of quick wins that could be applied within 30 days – some much quicker. And since all critical teams are part of the mapping process, there is little pushback to implement the changes. It creates a shared win.

    Getting Started

    You can learn more about how to run one of these workshops at this interactive meeting at MWCCA. During this session you’ll learn by doing, as you jump right in to create your own journey maps. Join this session and you will go through all stages of the mapping exercise, and can bring that back to lead sessions at your own company afterward.

    Jim Tincher is the Principal Consultant at Heart of the Customer, a Customer Experience consulting company right here in Minneapolis. Jim has more than 20 years of experience in driving customer experience from small business to Fortune 500 companies. Jim’s Customer Experience expertise has led to engagements as far-reaching as developing consumer tests at Best Buy, creating a Customer Insights capability at UnitedHealth Group, and consulting with clients ranging from global fast food companies to utilities to international manufacturing and service companies.

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